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Ah, the smell of biology.

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The other day I texted a friend, “Please google [X] for me? Sorry to ask, but I’m standing hip deep in a pond.” This is not an uncommon excuse. I hike in the woods, wade through swamps, and listen for frogs and toads (anuran calling surveys). Look, everyone needs a hobby.

I am an undergrad with big dreams of a grad degree in zoology or conservation biology. Here are the joys or bitching about fumbling my way through fieldwork, pictures, and geeky humor that can probably be summarized by this twitter log:

00:08 having to pee in the woods: THE REAL SOURCE OF PENIS ENVY
00:51 dick swinging among herpetologists: is that like hemipenes vs cloacas?
00:54 except some cloacas can aid in respiration. what penis can beat THAT?
00:55 zoology: bringing on the dick jokes even when, strictly speaking, there are no dicks. now that's dedication to the dick joke genre.

Sometimes I attempt scientifically informative posts to a) explain what I do to friends who wonder why on earth I would subject myself to this* b) make myself more conversant on the subject.

*Actual conversation:
ME: *blah blah bitch bitch* WHY DO I HAVE NO LIFE?
FRIEND: Well I don't know, maybe if you left the swamp and actually CONVERSED WITH PEOPLE instead of frogs, radical notion I know, then maybe you would have a social life. The attempt to stumble across Prince Charming among all the slimies is doomed to failure.

I lock a few things that would kill the whole pseudonym attempt if someone I knew found this. If you let me know you'd like to read them, I'll probably grant you access if we've conversed a little, exchanged a few comments. Even if you don't have a Dreamwidth account, I can grant access to your OpenID.

I used to (infrequently) blog here, but now I'm collating things here.

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